For centuries, coffee and ideas for have lived intertwined lives. The coffeehouse has long been a crossroads where politicians, philosophers, authors and others seeking stimulating dialogue and debate would come together, over a beverage that stimulated the mind.  

Out of that tradition comes illywords, a magazine of art, culture and ideas.  Since 2002, it has presented viewpoints on issues prized by a company and consumers living curious lives, deeply interested in shaping our contemporary world and willing to be held accountable for it.  Leafing through an issue of illywords reveals original thinking on subjects like the value and nomadic character of knowledge; on the concept of civil organization and multiculturalism; and about chaos, dreams, and the very idea of awareness.

The words in illywords' belong to people from a variety of countries, cultures and professions, all part of illy’s global network.  Their points of view and opinions  offer original and thought-provoking takes from each author’s life and work experiences.

Each article is illustrated with original work by students from the world’s premier schools of art and design, from Milan to Vienna, from Belgrade to Barcelona, and from New York to New Delhi to Beijing.

A companion blog (www.illywords.com), captures the everyday lives and notable experiences of a network of correspondents in Berlin, Shanghai, New York, London and Milan, each post effectively expanding the magazineand serving as touchstone for new discussions and reflections.

illywords is distributed at illy events and locations and at some of the world’s greatest museums and finest bookshops.  Each issue is produced with the same passion and attention to quality as illy coffee.

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