illy•words is now a bookzine on art and culture, and a blog.

Launched in 2002 as a magazine, illy•words features dialogues, opinions and multiple viewpoints on the issues closest to the heart of responsible, curious, active members of modern society such as illy. It promotes the value of know-how, the concept of "civil enterprise", space, courage, dreams, multiculturalism, awareness, chaos and the nomadic side of knowledge.

In 2014 illy•words was reborn. Still true to its original topics, it was reconceived  as a bookzine -a cross between a book and a magazine- and made its debut in international book stores.

Inside illy•words, art, food, design, photography and illustration coexist seamlessly, interweaving different disciplines and diverse outlooks. The content is broad, varied and cosmopolitan, and includes contributions, opinions, learning opportunities, stories and pictures in a sophisticated, highly contemporary style.

illy•words is a flexible editorial product that brings together visions and opinions from people of different cultures, occupations and countries, each with their own language. illywords is always looking to promote up and coming creative and artistic talents, and each edition features a special focus on an emerging illustrator or young artist.

illy•words is available in the best book stores and museums worldwide, and can also be found here.

The illywords blog is updated daily with the news, experiences and thoughts of our international correspondents, whose contributions supplement the bookzine and provide inspiration for new discussions.