The Beautiful People of Coffee


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  • Expo Milan 2015
    20157 Rho, Milan

Stories told by the experts of Università del Caffè, stories full of images and anecdotes to let you discover every aspect of the beautiful life of coffee.

Throughout its life, coffee passes from hand to hand many times. This is a relay race, and coffee finds love and dedication in every link of this long human chain. It is a journey that ends and is reborn every time we enjoy a cup of coffee. This is how quality comes to life.

An album of photographs:

  1. Those who sow and harvest coffee - the people who take care of the plant when it is still a seedling, who help it grow and become strong, always respecting the environment.
  2. Those who select it - the people who select only the best beans.
  3. Those who ship and transport it - the people who make sure that coffee reaches us in excellent condition.
  4. Those who roast it - the people who transform coffee so it can achieve its wonderful aromatic spectrum.
  5. Those who package it - the people who keep coffee protected, allowing it to travel.
  6. Those who prepare it - the people who transform coffee into a delicious and invigorating drink.
  7. Those who taste it - people who savour the drink and are inspired by its vibrant energy.