The Beautiful Places of Coffee


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  • Expo Milan 2015
    20157 Rho, Milan

Stories told by the experts of Università del Caffè, stories full of images and anecdotes to let you discover every aspect of the beautiful life of coffee.

Coffee is a citizen of the entire world, and has always been a great traveller. It learns something from every place it travels to, and takes a souvenir with it from each country it visits. We already enjoy the fruits of these magnificent journeys when we savour all its aromas and flavours.

An atlas of aromas:

  1. The birth place: Coffee’s birth in Ethiopia, its journey into the Middle East, the arrival in Europe and voyages to the ends of the world.
  2. The panoramas: the altitude, the climate and the weather. Where coffee is at its best.
  3. The fields: the producing countries, their techniques, their traditions.
  4. The terroirs: the places where coffee grows, the aromas we discover there.
  5. The ports: the point of arrival, the countries that love and enjoy coffee.
  6. The protection: packaging, seasoning, how coffee improves over time.
  7. The temple: the coffee shop, the home of the tasting experience.