The Beautiful Ways of Coffee


  • evento terminato
  • Expo Milan 2015
    20157 Rho, Milan

Stories told by the experts of Università del Caffè, stories full of images and anecdotes to let you discover every aspect of the beautiful life of coffee.

Coffee has brought together millions of people, over great distances and over many centuries. In all cultures, and throughout history, people have created customs, traditions and rituals around the drink.

Contemporary etiquette:

  1. How much do we drink? The coffee market.
  2. How do we drink it? The way it is consumed in different countries.
  3. Where do we drink it? The producing and consuming countries.
  4. How to prepare it. Preparation techniques.
  5. How it was prepared in the past. The history of preparation techniques.
  6. How much to consume. Caffeine.
  7. How it will be enjoyed in the future, New preparations