Pillole Master Ernesto Illy - Day 3


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  • Expo Milan 2015
    20157 Rho, Milan

All the meetings will be presented by students applied to the Master Degree in Coffee Economics and Science promoted by Fondazione Ernesto Illy.


From 11.30 to 12.00
Coffee Botany and Physiology

The concepts presented in this module can vary between: Systematic of Coffea genus. Morphological and anatomical characteristics of the coffee plant. Phenological stages of the coffee plant: germination, development, flowering, fruit development and maturation. General and environmental physiological aspects of the coffee plant. Classical propagation techniques and micropropagation techniques of the coffee plant. Secondary metabolites in coffee fruits: synthesis, accumulation and effects on human health. Biotic and abiotic degradation (pre- and post-coffee harvest).


From 12.30 to 13.00
Coffee Brewing and Characterization

The concepts presented in this module can vary between: Extraction methods: infusion and percolation. Chemical and physical characteristics of brewed coffee. Preparation methods and characterization: filter, moka, espresso. Brewing machines and main control parameters. Espresso definition. Other preparations. Introduction to sensory analysis. Sensory analysis typology and goals: filter coffee, espresso and moka cupping. Main chemical-physical methodologies of analysis to characterize coffee.


From 14.30 to 15.00
Competitive strategies in the coffee industry

The concepts presented in this module can vary between: Change drivers and PEST Analysis for the coffee industry. Industry analysis: a five-force approach. The role of complementary products. Competitive forces. Globalization drivers and internationalization processes. Industry consolidation and competitive dynamics in the coffee industry. Upwards and downwards integration: strategic implications. The conquest of the coffee consumer: competitive strategies in coffee. Coffee case histories.


From 15.30 to 16.00
Trading techniques and risk management

The concepts presented in this module can vary between: Gli studenti presenteranno alcuni concetti studiati durante il modulo didattico ''Trading techniques and risk management'' che possono variare tra: The volatility of coffee prices, speculation and fundamentals in commodity markets. Forecasting techniques. Evaluating coffee price risk exposure. Price risk management in practice: standard futures and options in the coffee market, over-the-counter market and mixed products.