X1: the Story of a Family Passion


  • evento terminato
  • Università degli Studi
    Via Festa del Perdono, 7
    20122 Milan, Italy

On the occasion of the OPEN BORDERS exhibition sponsored by Interni, the historic courtyard at the Università degli Studi di Milano will host the “X.1: the story of a family passion” installation, through which we can retrace the history of illy espresso coffee machines, from illetta to the X.1 Anniversary Edition, created to celebrate 20 years since the first X.1.

Rounded columns – red-and-white on one side, black-and-white on the other – give the space an anamorphic effect. In the middle of the space stands the illetta; the X.1 Anniversary Edition is on display along the sides, its hallmark pressure gauge featuring the historic illy logo.