• evento terminato
  • Andrea Rosen Gallery
    525 W 24th St,New York,
    NY 10011, US

“THE RIVERBED is over the river in-between life and death.
Stone Piece: Choose a Stone and hold it until all your anger and sadness have been let go.
Line Piece: Take me to the farthest place in our planet by extending the line.
Mend Piece: Mend with wisdom mend with love. It will mend the earth at the same time.”

- Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono—a forerunner in Conceptual art involving collaboration, audience participation and social activism—will present a double exhibition, THE RIVERBED, at Galerie Lelong and Andrea Rosen Gallery. Following her recent exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, these interactive exhibitions are comprised of two entirely new, full gallery installations.

Since the early 1960s, audience participation has been a crucial aspect of Ono’s work. To make a village is a political gesture, as well as a formal one. Audience participation is key to completing THE RIVERBED through everyday action coupled with contemplation; they are collaborators with the artist, similar to the collaboration between the artist and the two galleries. Additionally, it is significant to Ono that all three “principals”— the artist and two gallery leaders—are female; the support and participation of women in power is one of Ono’s longstanding concerns.

Conceived as two room-sized installations shown in two spaces—a whole in two parts— visitors are encouraged, via instructions, to visit both spaces in order to experience and fully understand THE RIVERBED. Both galleries will have a pile of large river stones that Ono has selected and gathered. She will inscribe words like remember, dream, and wish on the stones, which have been honed and shaped by water over time. Visitors may pick up stones and hold it in their laps, concentrating on the word and letting go of their anger or fear, transforming the stone into an emotional object to be placed upon the pile of stones in the center of the room.