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  • 30ml of espresso coffee
  • 60ml of milk
  • 60ml milk foam


A classic part of the Italian breakfast, a cappuccino can be made at home, just like at the bar, with an espresso machine that has a steaming wand. One cappuccino is roughly 150 ml of beverage, comprised of an espresso and equal parts of milk and top of milk.

  1. Pour the cold milk, preferably whole milk, into a metal jug up to about one third full.
  2. Activate the steaming wand jet for a couple of seconds, to eliminate any residual water.
  3. Place the tip of the steaming wand into the milk and activate the jet again. As the foam rises and the volume of milk increases, lower the jug while always keeping the tip submerged and tilt the jug to create a vortex in the milk. Don’t shake the jug up and down.
  4. Continue steaming until the milk reaches a temperature of 65° and its volume doubles.
  5. Bang the bottom of the jug firmly on a flat surface to compress the foam.
  6. Prepare an espresso coffee in a large cup.
  7. Pour the milk straight into the cup, starting from the middle.
  8. Activate the steam jet once more to eliminate any residual milk. Then dry it with a cloth.

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