illy has partnered with leading industry organizations to provide an innovative solution to recycle iperEspresso coffee capsules. By collecting your used capsules and mailing them in to be recycled, you’ll be diverting waste from landfillsOur process diverts plastic form landfills, enabling capsules made of #5 polypropylene recyclable plastic to be used to make beneficial new products in the future, while the coffee inside will be used for compost and gardensoil. All collection materials used in the program will also be recycled.

There are three simple ways to participate in the iperEspresso Capsule Recycle Program:

OPTION 1: illy a casa Members

  • If you are an illy a casa member, the capsule recycle program is a complimentary service to you as a benefit of membership (no cost to you). You will receive an email invitation to join the program. Simply follow the instructions, and a welcome kit including complimentary collection bags and pre-paid shipping labels will arrive in your next recurring coffee shipment.
  • Or, to become an illy a casa member, visit Once you are a member, you will receive an email invitation to join the recycle program within 30 days of becoming a member.

OPTION 2: Retail Store Drop Off

illy iperEspresso capsule users can now drop off their used capsules at all Sur La Table stores nationwide.

OPTION 3: Purchase a Recycle Kit

If you are not an illy a casa member and there are no participating retail stores near you, you can purchase a capsule recycle kit by calling illy Customer Care at 1-877-469-4559.


For more information, call illy Customer Care at 1-877-469-4559 or click here to learn more.

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