Pillole Master Ernesto Illy - Day 2


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Incontri presentati in lingua inglese dagli studenti del Master universitario interateneo di II° livello in Economia e Scienza del Caffè promosso dalla Fondazione Ernesto Illy.

Dalle 11.30 alle 12.00
Coffee Cultivation and Climate Change - Coltivazione del Caffè e Cambiamenti Climatici

I concetti presentati in questo modulo possono variare tra: Physical-chemical properties of tropical soils. Tropical soil degradation. Effects of soil management on biological fertility and recycling of crop residues and organic wastes. Principles of the coffee plant mineral nutrition and plant responses to nutrient deficiency or toxicity. Fertilizer use and management. Action mechanisms, metabolic breakdown in plants and fate in the soil of the main pesticides. Weed control. Coffee plant protection: principles of integrated control. Insect and pest control. Fungi, bacteria and virus control. Physical, biological and geochemical processes responsible for and resulting from climate change. Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation. Land Use and the Carbon Cycle. Agricultural Water Management.


Dalle 12.30 alle 13.00
Coffee Industrial Process - I Processi Industriali del Caffè

I concetti presentati in questo modulo possono variare tra: Preliminary operations: cleaning, hulling, grading and electronic sorting. Basic principles of heat and mass transport. Decaffeination process: methods and industrial machinery. Roasting process. Roasting methods, industrial roasting equipments. Grinding process. Chemical, physical and structural changes of grain. Packaging, chemical-physical changes during packaging, roasted product shelf-life. Other products: pods, capsule and 'ready-to-drink'.


Dalle 14.00 alle 14.30
Complex Systems Managment and Innovative Business - Gestioni dei Sistemi Complessi e Business Innovativo

I concetti presentati in questo modulo possono variare tra: Complex systems: main features. Complexity principles. Complexity principles applied to economics. Fundamentals of business dynamics. Fundamentals of agent based theory and simulation. Self-organization. Ecosystems as complex adaptive systems. Strategies in business ecosystems. Visual thinking fundamentals. Management applications of visual thinking. Case histories in food/coffee sector.


Dalle 15.00 alle 15.30
Market Consumption models and distribution channels - Marketing: modelli di consumo e canali di distribuzione

I concetti presentati in questo modulo possono variare tra: Geographical markets and purchasing/consumption habits. Consumption typologies of roasted coffee. The purchasing process and consumption experience. The factors influencing the purchasing/consumption process. Marketing management and marketing planning. Experiential marketing. Product decisions: global products and services; standardization versus adaptation; product features and perception; branding decisions in international markets. Pricing decisions. Direct and indirect distribution channels. Types of channel intermediaries; Retail and Ho.Re.Ca channels (Hotel, Restaurant, Coffee bar and Catering channels); franchising; branded coffee shops and e-commerce.