illy Art Collection

Maurizio Galimberti

Signed by the photographer and instant artist Maurizio Galimberti using the innovative photo-mosaic technique, the new illy Art Collection cups express an intimate passion for the cities and their architecture and are the personal account of wandering through urban landscapes in Trieste, Venice, Rome, Pisa, Florence and Milan.

The collection celebrates these emblematic places together with the daily ritual of coffee, which around the world represents a magical gateway to Italy.


He was born in Como in 1956. He took his first steps in photography in the 1980s by discovering the world of Polaroid. He has always preferred photography focused on rhythm and movement, and his main inspirations from the art world are Futurism and the renowned Marcel Duchamp’s painting Nude Descending a Staircase.

The Photo-Mosaics

In 1983, he started his passion obsession with the Polaroid. Since the beginning of the 90’s,this evolved in the creation of the Polaroid Mosaics.
He has “reinvented” this technique and adapted it for portraits of famous figures in the world of art, fashion, culture, theatre and cinema. In 2003 his portrait of Johnny Depp ended up being the cover of the British Times Magazine.