illy City Mugs & Cans

The illy City Mugs have been conceived thanks to a crowdsourcing graphic design project which allowed to select the best design out of 2,000 proposals. A synthesis of straight lines and bold colors, with a hand drawn texture that conveys warmth and comfort – perfect for your afternoon coffee break: illy City Mugs make great collectibles and gifts, since each one is reminiscent of a city, an experience or the designer’s dream. Signed by illy.

The designer is Mie Araki. She was born in Japan. She is a graphic and textile designer and an illustrator who specializes in woodcut prints. She has published six picture books in Japan, the U. S. and Korea. Her works were accepted to 2000 Bologna Book Fair Illustrators Exhibition (Italy) and The Original Art Exhibition 2003 (USA).


The charming Miramare castle and the sails of Barcolana, the historical city’s regatta.


The Gothic facade of the Milan Cathedral.

San Francisco

The hilly landscape of the city.


The Seine River and its two islands.


The pouring rains of London’s autumns.


The city’s beautiful piazzas.


The eye-catching mosaic on the roof of St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

Abu Dhabi

The symbolic rounded roofs and cloisters of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.


The welcoming gate of Amsterdam Central Station.


The striking silhouette of the Baku Flame Towers.


The historic Barzan Towers.


The royal fortress of the Castle of Angers.


The skyscrapers of the Windy City.

Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia’s tallest towers.


The futuristic skyscrapers of the city.

Kuwait City

The skyline with the landmark Kuwait Towers.