On the occasion of International Coffee Day illycaffè presents Arabica Selection Brazil Cerrado Mineiro

The first coffee certified regenagri® and coming from regenerative agriculture, the result of a relationship built over the years with local producers

Trieste, 1st October 2023 illycaffè celebrates International Coffee Day by presenting Arabica Selection Brazil Cerrado Mineiro, the first coffee from regenerative agriculture and regenagri® certified, created together with the Federation of Cerrado Mineiro producers.

illycaffè has long been committed to mitigating the effects of climate change throughout the entire supply chain, starting with coffee cultivation, for which it promotes the sustainable model of regenerative agriculture. This model allows for proper nourishment of the plants, naturally regenerating the soil, and thus reducing CO2 emissions. Additionally, this new type of cultivation allows for an improvement in the health of the ecosystem thanks to the increased biodiversity of the species used for ground cover and soil dynamics. In the Cerrado Mineiro region, where the company has been working hand in hand with local producers for over thirty years, the Arabica Selection Brazil coffee has been grown by applying the best regenerative practices certified regenagri®.

"The Arabica Selection Brazil Cerrado Mineiro is the result of the relationship we have built over the years with coffee producers and the Federation of Producers of Cerrado Mineiro. We have shared the urgency of finding a solution to the effects of climate change," comments Cristina Scocchia, CEO of illycaffè. "Aware that this challenge can only be overcome by joining forces, we have identified the best techniques for ecosystem adaptation, mitigation, and regeneration, producing the first 100% Arabica coffee sourced from certified regenerative agriculture, as regenagri® certified."

The reduction of natural resource exploitation, soil regeneration, and the preservation of biodiversity and future land productivity are some of the results achieved through the application of regenerative agronomic practices selected by illycaffè. This model shifts the focus from the plant to the soil, offering the best natural solutions to nourish, strengthen, and make it fertile and resilient to external threats.

The Arabica Selection Brazil Cerrado Mineiro, with its hints of caramel and nuts, is available in 250g cans in both whole bean and ground versions.
You can find it on illy.com, in illy's direct retail locations, and in selected supermarket chains.