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Meet Our Life Artists

Come along for a journey of artistic excellence and beautiful experiences.


Meet Aelfie Oudghiri - Rug Designer

Owner and founder of Aelfie.

Aelfie’s Look: Fun and colorful.
Aelfie's inspiration: Global travels and pop culture.
Aelfie’s Coffee Ritual: I’ll put on a record and I will lay on the carpet generally with my coffee.

Discover Aelfie’s illy Favorites


X7.1 iperEspresso Machine

Beautiful taste at the touch of a button. This bold red espresso machine adds a pop of color to any space.


Emilio Pucci illy Art Colection

Vividly colorful, extraordinarily elegant cups created in collaboration with fashion Maison Emilio Pucci.

Frieling French Press

Brew the bold and smooth with a rich taste of illy in this beautifully reflective French Press from Frieling


illy Logo Cappuccino Cups

Classic porcelan cups with a saucer featuring a pop of color from illy's iconic red logo.


Meet Dana Glaeser - Leather Craftsman

Owner and creator of Slightly Alabama.

Dana’s Look: Traditional with a modern edge.
Dana's inspiration: his Alabama roots and continued travels
Dana’s Coffee Ritual: : I always make coffee, French press coffee and read for a good hour, hour and a half. When it’s done, then I start walking into the rest of my day which is usually making eggs and bacon, the same breakfast every single morning, and then checking my email.

Discover Dana’s illy Favorites


X1 Anniversary iperEspresso Machine

Beautiful taste at the touch of a button. This sleek and elegant machine celebrates illy's storied espresso machine heritage.


illy Logo Espresso Cups

Classic porcelan cups with a saucer specially designed to enhance the beauty and aroma of coffee.

illy Art Collection - Kentridge

Stunning reflective cappuccino cups designed by William Kentridge


Behind the Scenes

An Exclusive sneak peak of the master at work.


Sheena Sood - Fashion Designer

Owner of fashion brand Abacaxi

Sheena’s Look: Eclectic and bright
Sheena's inspiration: Global culture and art.
Sheena’s Coffee Ritual:I sometimes do French press, sometimes brewed, sometimes espresso which I love and I eat a lot of fruit so I’ll have my fruit with my coffee in the morning.

Discover Sheena’s illy Favorites


X9 iperEspresso Machine

The stylish X9 Espresso machine wraps beautiful taste in a sleek elliptical body to create smooth and delicious aromatic espresso.


Emilio Pucci illy Art Colection Mugs

Vividly colorful, extraordinarily elegant cups created in collaboration with fashion Maison Emilio Pucci.

Pulcina Moka Pot

This ground breaking moka pot is designed to enhance the coffee's aroma created in collaboration with Alessi


25th Anniversary Espresso Cup

this cheerful cup celebrates 25 years of the illy Art Collection. Contains one espresso cup


Meet Forrest Lewinger - Ceramicist

Owner of Workaday Handmade ceramics.

Forrest’s Look: Modern and minimalistic.
Forrest's inspiration: Daily life and his travels to Asia and Mexico
Forrest’s Coffee Ritual:On the weekends when I’m feeling loose, I’ll go for like a cappuccino or a latte or something like that. That’s like a sign that maybe it’s a leisurely day, if I’m going to indulge in something like that.

Discover Forrest’s illy Favorites


NEW Y3.2 iperEspresso & Coffee Machine

The new, compact Y3.2 prepares a perfect cup of espresso and coffee all at the touch of a button.


NEW Embossed Travel Mug

This sleek mug keeps your coffee at the right temperature for hours while adding a touch of elegance to your travels.

Y5 Duo Espresso & Coffee Machine

Savor a full bodied espresso or a rich aromatic cup of coffee at the touch of a button with the Y5 Duo.


Chemex Pour Over Brewer

Savor exceptional coffee with simplicity. Invented over 60 years ago, the Chemex Brewer has an elegant hourglass design.



Take a peek inside the studios of Aelfie Oudghiri, Dana Glaeser, Sheena Sood, and Forrest Lewinger to explore the unique creative processes as they follow the journey of artistic expression and craft their one of a kind products.Each artists journey is as unique as they are, fueled by a creative inspiration all their own, influenced by their personal histories, day to day lives and their travels.



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