The new illy Art Collection tells a story of sisterhood.
These sisters meet at a coffee shop. They are not really sisters, but they are as good as family. These women, with their different personalities, meet for coffee and cake. They talk and laugh, sometimes they disagree, but they always enjoy sharing.
A conversation with six voices, talking about the future: six personalities, six colors, bringing a unique point of view.




About The Artist

Olimpia Zagnoli is an Italian illustrator known all over the word. She was born in Reggio Emilia, and thanks to the innovative approach of the schools in that area, she actually started exploring her creativity as early as kindergarten. Later she moved to Milan where she her took her first steps in illustration. In New York she began collaborating with publications like the New York Times. She began to establish her style, and her soft forms and choice of just a few bright colours pay homage as much to Futurism as to the Beatles. She has collaborated with illy on various projects, including this new Illy Art Collection, exploring her world through a dialogue between six female figures.




Lemon Yellow,
Canary Yellow,
Saffron Yellow,
Straw Yellow,
This one, my good fellow
Is Future Yellow



Everything is Rosy!



What can you do
When you’re feeling blue
In a forest of bamboo
Just near Timbuktu



I am green with envy
at your green coat
of emerald green leaves
as you eat your greens
on a trip to Greenland



Red. I love you.
Red. You’re a fool.
Red. Let's sleep.
Red. It's August.



The coffee in our cup is brown
That we drink while sitting down
Wearing a pretty gown
In the smartest bar in town


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