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[/Plugin:If] Tips for making coffee using a cuccumella, the Neapolitan coffee maker.
Neapolitan Neapolitan Naples has a long and rich coffee tradition all its own, steeped in a 17th-century innovation called the cuccumella. Also known as the Neapolitan coffee maker, it remains the city’s signature preparation method; a slow, delightful ritual, celebrated daily. 5-6g (1/5 oz) coffee Measure 5-6 grams (about 1/5 oz) of medium-ground coffee per cup desired. Place coffee in the tank’s opening and screw on the filter. Add the required amount of water at the bottom of the machine, not higher than the small hole. Insert the tank with filter containing ground coffee, and screw the two parts of the machine together. Place the unit on the stove, spout downwards, and bring water to a boil. Remove the unit from the heat when steam starts to release from the hole, holding both handles tightly. Turn the unit upside down, striking it firmly against the counter, so that the water starts passing through the filter, allowing the liquid coffee to collect in the lower portion over the course of a few minutes. Serve once all coffee collects. Wash all parts thoroughly in warm water (and mild detergent, if necessary). Dry thoroughly.