The Beautiful Colors of Coffee


  • evento terminato
  • Expo Milan 2015, USA Pavilion
    20157 Rho, Milan

Stories told by the experts of Università del Caffè, stories full of images and anecdotes to let you discover every aspect of the beautiful life of coffee.

A biography in colour: discover how coffee constantly transforms, and how it passes through a thousand colours in the course of its life.

  1. Green - The colour of the seedling, the plantations where coffee grows, its leaves.
  2. White - The colour of a delicate flower, which only blooms when it is showered by the rains.
  3. Red and yellow - The colour of the coffee fruit, which resembles a cherry and holds two precious beans.
  4. Light Green - The colour of the green beans, which are collected and processed in distant tropical fields and then set out on a journey to reach us.
  5. Dark brown - The colour of the coffee bean when it is roasted: it does not just become beautiful, it also becomes fragrant.
  6. Brown - The colour of the crema on the surface of a perfect espresso, the guardian of a treasure-trove of aromas and flavours.
  7. Black - The colour of mystery, an expression of the remarkable virtues that coffee shares with all who taste it.

the event will be held at the USA pavilion.