illy Coffee Room


  • evento terminato
  • La Triennale di Milano
    Viale Alemagna, 6
    20121 Milan, Italy

At its illyartlab space in the Triennale building, visitors are invited to expand their knowledge and experience of coffee in the “illy Coffee Room. A polysensory journey to discover coffee”, a  multisensory journey through learning and experiential modules.

At the entrance to illyartLab, visitors will be introduced to the world of coffee through a video that will prepare them to future experiences. Following a kind of initiatory path, they will enter into the “illy Coffee Room”, a completely dark and silent space where they will find, illuminated by a ray of light from above, 9 icons: each of them will introduce – through sounds, aromas, colors and emotions – to the 9 ingredients (nine Arabica coffee varieties coming from different countries) that make up the unique illy blend.

At the end of the path, through practice and training and with the assistance of an expert, each visitor will discover their personal taste preferences to assemble an individual blend using the Personal Blender.  One leap forward in the process of becoming a connoisseur.