SCENT OF A DREAM. A journey in the world of coffee


  • evento terminato
  • Tomie Ohtake Institute
    R. Coropés, 88 - Pinheiros
    São Paulo, Brazil

São Paulo hosts from 7 April the exhibition “SCENT OF A DREAM. A journey in the world of coffee”, curated by Lélia Wanick Salgado.

The exhibition consists of a selection of 80 of the most representative images from the photographic journey which the great maestro undertook in partnership with illy to pay tribute to the men and women of coffee plantations: a journey involving people, landscapes and a harmonious relationship with the earth illustrated through highly expressive, evocative and emotive, black and white pictures. The company’s collaboration with Salgado, which began in 2002 in Brazil, demonstrates the attention that illy has always paid to issues regarding sustainable development, respect for local cultures and love for the earth.

“SCENT OF A DREAM. A journey in the world of coffee” thus aims to be the greatest reportage ever produced on the world of coffee, considering that ten of the countries from which illy buys coffee were involved in the project: Brazil, India, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Colombia, China, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Tanzania.

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