Brewed Coffee

Brewed Coffee



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  • 40g of medium ground coffee for 1 litre of water


Filter or “Americano” coffee, aromatic and rich in taste, is the most popular preparation method in the USA and Northern Europe. The coffee powder grind must be medium. If the grind is too coarse the coffee has a weak taste, if it is too fine the taste is bitter. The machine needs to be cleaned regularly, preferably every week. Use a Thermos flask to keep the coffee hot and to maintain its aroma. 

This is how to brew it:

  1. Warm the coffee pot for a few minutes by filling it with hot water.
  2. Pour the correct amount of water into the machine.
  3. Place an absorbent paper cone in the machine.
  4. Allow one heaped spoonful (7-8 grams) of coffee for every two 100-150 millilitre cups of water. The amount of coffee can be adjusted to suit individual taste.
  5. Place the coffee in the cone, arranging the powder as horizontally as possible.
  6. Start the filter coffee machine.

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