Pressurized Packaging

Exclusively illy

Roasted coffee can lose up to 40 percent of its vital aromas after only eight hours of contact with air – an issue that the common vacuum packaging method can’t adequately address.  Coffee packed in soft bags suffers an even tougher fate.
illy pioneered another way, using a remarkably effective, natural pressurization technology – patented throughout the world, and exclusive to illy.

Freshly roasted illy coffee is placed in recyclable cans, along with natural, inert nitrogen, under pressure. The process traps essential aromas and protects them for more than a year.  Just like fine wine maturing in the bottle, illy coffee is refined in its pressurized environment, becoming yet rounder than when first packaged as naturally emerging oils mingle with one another.
The nitrogen escapes completely and instantly upon pulling the tab.  Listen for the signature “whoosh” sound when you open your next can. That’s the sound of coffee kept fresh like no other.