Espresso Granita

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  • 2/3 cup illy espresso (6 shots)
  • 7 TBSP liquid sugar (100 ml)

Simplicity itself, espresso Granita is one of summer's pleasures, often enjoyed in southern Italy as an icy alternative to traditional espresso.

  1. Prepare the espresso shots and pour into a shallow baking dish 
  2. Stir in the liquid sugar* to sweeten, then place baking dish in the freezer
  3. Over the next several hours, remove from the freezer and stir or rake with a fork about every 30 minutes, until it becomes semi-solid and ice crystals have formed
  4. Scoop into a decorative glass and serve

* To make liquid sugar, boil equal parts of sugar and water until the sugar is completely dissolved.  Cool and refrigerate.