The second Ernesto Illy International Coffee Award has been presented on October 16th 2017 in New York City, hosted by the Illy family.
The award recognizes top quality coffee growers who produce the best beans in the coffee paradises across the world.

Over the past 12 months, the illy quality Lab in Trieste, Italy, has identified the 3 best coffee representing the best coffees from the 2016 from 9 distinct and important coffee producing Countries: Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Nicaragua and Rwunda.

An external Jury comprised of coffee experts, international chefs and coffee lovers chose among the 9 finalists the “Best of the Best” for 2017:

José Abelardo Díaz Enamorado, Honduras

In addition to “Best of the Best,” a “Coffee Lovers Choice” award, sponsored by illy partner United Airlines, determined by blind consumer tastings, was awarded to Coope Atenas, from Costa Rica represented by Juan Carlos Alvarez.

Scopri tutti i 27 finalisti, che rappresentano i migliori produttori di caffè per l’anno 2017:


1st place: Mr. Ruggero Pisa Simonini Spada, Fazenda Tecad

A full bodied coffee with an intense flavor. Its distinctive sweetness and bold chocolate notes are enhanced by hints of caramel and toast.

2nd place: Ms. Juliana Tytko Armelin, Fazenda Terra Alta
3rd place: Mr. Rafael Marques de Araujo, Corrego da Serra


1st place: Ms. Teresa Ascanio Gutierrez, Cooperativa de Caficultores del Catatumbo Ltda

A medium to full-bodied coffee with a rich flavor. Surprising notes of caramel and dried fruit burst forth, with delicate whispers of chocolate and toasted bread.

2nd place: Ms. Bibiana Inés Mena Criollo, Finca La Cumbre
3rd place: Ms. Luisa Fernanda Trujillo Rodrígue, Plan Cafetero para Calidad y Sostenibilidad

Costa Rica

1st place: Mr. Juan Carlos Alvarez, Coopeatenas R.L.

A full-bodied coffee with an enduring flavor. Its distinctively bold caramel and chocolate notes are enhanced by delicate hints of honey, vanilla, toasted bread and oranges.

2nd place: Mr. Warner Quesada Elizondo, Coope Sabalito R.L.
3rd place: Mr. Johnny Marin Badilla, Marespi



1st place: Mr. Alemayheu Dagne Fettene, Tracon Trading PLC

A medium bodied coffee with a delicate flavor. Its unique floral jasmine notes are mixed with a slight hint of citrus fruit.

2nd place:Ms. Seada Shifa Abaye, Asma International Business PVT Ltd Company
3rd place: Mr. Yismashewa Seyoum Belachew, Seid Yassin PLC


1st place: Mr. Pablo Arturo Chuy Flores, Peña Blanca

A medium bodied coffee with a complex flavor. Its characteristically bold sweetness is coupled with chocolate, caramel, honey and citrus notes.

2nd place: Mr. Jorge Luis Fernandez Marroquin, Finca La Pastoría
3rd place: Mr. Luis Fernando Pivaral Aguilar, Finca La Sonrisa



1st place: Mr. José Abelardo Díaz Enamorado, Finca Ojo de Agua

Velvety taste and soft body, smooth finish. Strong chocolate notes, slight taste of dried fruit and medium caramel.

2nd place: Mr. Luciano Bonilla Romero, Finca Los Bonilla
3rd place: Mr. José Angel Ramos Castro, Finca El Gallito


1st place: Mr. Chacko Thomas, Tata Coffee Ltd - Nullore Estate

A full-bodied coffee with a bold flavor. Intense cocoa and notes of toasted bread leave a seductively sweet chocolate aftertaste.

2nd place: Mr. H S Dharamraj, Geetha Estate
3rd place: Mr. Najeeb Ansar Noor, Kesavinahakloo Estate



1st place: Mr. Elvin Eliutt Alaniz Rayo, Proyecto Lift

A medium to full-bodied coffee with a balanced flavor. Strong caramel notes and toasted bread are mixed with a slight chocolate aftertaste.

2nd place: Mr. Juan Angel Zeledon Pineda, Finca La Florida
3rd place: Mr. Jose Barcenas Levy, Finca Cabo Azul


1st place: Mr. Jean Bosco Ngabonziza, Rusizi Coffee Washing Station

A medium to full-bodied coffee with a balanced flavor. Strong caramel notes and toasted bread are mixed with a slight chocolate aftertaste.

2nd place: Mr. Tumwamini Ndamwemera Jean Paul, Liza Coffee Washing Station
3rd place: Mr. Faustin Nhzabarakize, Mashesha Coffee Washing Station