Sharing Coffee Culture and Knowledge

Education and know-how are critical to coffee’s quality: for the grower seeking to coax the best from his harvest; the barista dedicated to delighting his customers and coffee lovers seeking to enjoy the pleasure of a well-made cup in their own homes.
Sharing coffee culture and knowledge is the inspiration behind illy’s Università del caffè (the University of Coffee) which was first opened in Naples, Italy in 1999 and then moved to Trieste in 2002.  Today there are 28 branches worldwide,  each a center of coffee excellence promoting the latest coffee research and and understanding from bean to cup.

The Università del caffè teaches producers how to get the best from nature, assiting with in-field training on the most environmentally responsible cultivation, harvesting and processing techniques and with courses on the business of sustainable agriculture.
For hospitality professionals,Università del caffè coursework encompasses intensive, hands-on training on coffee preparation and menu development, the latest in coffee bar management and marketing, and practical ways to enhance the customer experience.
And for coffee lovers, a curriculum developed expressly for consumers spans coffee history, basic chemistry and biology, and an appreciation for the taste and aroma of fine, premium-quality coffee.