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illycaffè Shanghai will process user’s data (provided by the user and collected in the online section of newsletter of the site and then collected from the user and provided by him if necessary) in China in accordance to laws of the P.R.C. and with full respect for human dignity of the individual processing data on paper, manually, with IT and electronic means (therefore, illycaffè Shanghai may file data both on paper and IT support). illycaffè Shanghai has implemented safety measures to protect the confidentiality and logic strictly in line with the purposes set forth in this privacy policy. Especially all the precepts specified in the new rules of the internet service provider (ISP) issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in December 2011 "Certain Provisions regulating the Market Order of Internet Information Services" will be respected, as well as all the rules of civil and penal nature.

illycaffè Shanghai will process data in an appropriate manner and will take immediate action to remedy the possibility of an actual or potential information leakage informing of any leak of information the local communications authority and giving support during the investigation if the incident may cause serious consequences.

illycaffè Shanghai is not responsible for the information leakage due to force majeure, hacker attacks and user’s malicious behavior.

The data can be processed by illycaffè Shanghai by persons acting on its behalf for sending newsletter, for requirements pursuant to the legislation in force, to assert or defend its rights in the relevant jurisdiction.

The data may be disclosed to courts and public authorities if required by law and to lawyers if it should serve to defend or assert a right of illycaffè Shanghai as well as (only for address information) to post offices for any written communications. The provision of e-mail for the newsletter service is optional and its lack makes impossible to send newsletters, while the provision of any additional data provided by legal requirements is mandatory and their lack makes impossible to continue in the possible relationship established as well as the same effect can result without provision of data necessary to assert or defend a right of illycaffè Shanghai, the provision that becomes therefore necessary.

illycaffè Shanghai will not make illicit actions to obtain the data of the computer or electronic system and the illegal manipulation of computer or electronic system, as well as its damage. illycaffè Shanghai will not interfere with others' use of their name, and not use the same fraudulently or assume another's identity in accordance with Article 99 of the General Principles of Civil Law. Furthermore, according to what is stated by the Supreme Court of China, illycaffè Shanghai will not process the facts in order to openly denigrate another person or with the intent to cause damage to his reputation of substantial entity by means of offense or slander.

illycaffè Shanghai will not install on users computers MALWARE, not also FEATURE unnecessary without the consent of users.

illycaffè Shanghai will safeguard the security of the information uploaded on users ("Information load") and will allow users to use, modify and delete information loaded. illycaffè Shanghai will not change or delete the information loaded without a legitimate reason; illycaffè Shanghai will not transfer the information uploaded without user’s permission, nor will force the user to transfer information loaded (except for those communications required by law and administrative regulations).

illycaffè Shanghai will require and process only the data necessary to provide the newsletters service and the data necessary to comply with legal requirements and to assert or defend a right of illycaffè Shanghai. The data will be subject to consent, unless the processing (including communication) is provided for by laws or administrative regulations.


illycaffè Shanghai will always process data respecting the rights of consumers provided in the law on the protection of the rights and interests of consumers.

The user can make claims and/or contact illycaffè Shanghai at the following addresses: 7 D, Silver Tower, Jiu An Plaza, 258 Tong Ren Road Shanghai 200040, China P.R.C., telephone number 0086-21-6279-1979, fax number 0086-21-6279-2905 (or writing to


illycaffè Shanghai will respond within the time required by law.


Information updated as at 08/10/2012. Such update is carried out inside of policy of constant review of the informative ones. The versions of the previous policy statements are available writing to