Everything we do at illycaffè is about creating shared value for our stakeholders. We believe that sustainability is the way to pursue that mission, by using the best technologies to produce and share the best of Nature’s coffee with the world.

This Sustainable Value Report describes the strategies and actions illycaffè uses to implement sustainability in its various forms: economic, social and environmental. The aim of the report, drafted in accordance with the rigorous GRI.4 sustainability reporting guidelines and verified by an independent third party, is to illustrate how the company’s values translate into performance thanks to its global approach to responsible management.
There are four sections:

Identity and Values

Presenting the values and history of illycaffè, its global presence, organisation, approach to sustainability, investments in quality and innovation.

Social Value

Illustrating the fundamental importance of human relations, and its relationships with employees, customers, suppliers and local communities.

Environmental Value

Showing how, through a responsible use of resources today, illycaffè intends to forge a future for tomorrow by reducing emissions, the careful use of water, the sustainable use of energy, the responsible disposal of waste and end-of-life products, and transport.

Economic Value

Explaining how illycaffè promotes the growth and development of coffee growers, investing in the company and redistributing the economic wealth it creates.