limited to individual non-compliant 250 GR CANS OF WHOLE COFFEE BEANS

Trieste-March 16th, 2018- illycaffè, leader in the high quality coffee sector, is recalling 250 gr cans of whole beans coffee with an expiration date of 10/2019 to 02/2020 which do not have an gas pressure relief valve on the bottom. Please DO NOT OPEN THEM and return them to us immediately.

There may be some cans only from this specific lot which do not conform to proper production standards due to an inappropriate manual feeding of packaging machine, causing a sudden detaching of the cover from the metal canister at the moment of opening.

The cans in question are easily recognizable, because, they lack the pressure valve on the bottom and an abnormal bulging might be detected in the can.

We would like to add that the coffee itself inside the non-compliant cans is still the same top illy quality, and that the problem only concerns the packaging itself.

ILLY WHOLE BEANS COFFEE 250 GR CANS WHICH COULD POTENTIALLY BE NONCOMPLIANT, from lots with best before dates of 10/2019 to 02/2020 and without the pressure release valve on the bottom:

  • 250 gr Whole Bean Medium Roast Coffee

  • 250 gr Whole Bean Dark Roast Coffee

  • 250 gr Whole Bean Decaffeinated Coffee

  • 250 gr Monoarabica™ Whole Bean Brazil

  • 250 gr Monoarabica™ Whole Bean Ethiopia

  • 250 gr Monoarabica™ Whole Bean Guatemala

Customers who have purchased the product or products listed above with the non-compliant described are asked to immediately contact customer service to arrange for the return and replacement of these items.

For additional information or clarification related to this recall, please email us at

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