illycaffè Announces the Finalists of the Ernesto Illy International Coffee Award 2023

Trieste, July 27th 2023 – illycaffè announces the 27 finalists who will be part of the eighth edition of the Ernesto Illy International Coffee Award, the prize named in memory of Ernesto Illy, son of the company's founder, that celebrates over three decades of virtuous collaboration with coffee producers. Among them, the 'Best of the Best' and the 'Coffee Lovers' Choice' will be chosen and will be awarded on November 16th in New York during a ceremony at the New York Public Library.

During the year, the illycaffè quality laboratories analyzed the samples from the 2022/2023 harvest and selected the best lots and producers, based on both the company's quality and sustainability parameters.

The finalists of this edition are from Brazil, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Nicaragua and Rwanda.

“Our mission is to delight lovers of goodness and beauty all over the world with the best coffee that nature can provide, enhanced with the best technologies and art – comments Andrea Illy, Chairman of illycaffè the Ernesto Illy International Coffee Award allows us to stimulate the production of increasingly good and sustainable coffee”.

The 27 finalists of the Ernesto Illy International Award 2023, in alphabetical order, are:

Luis Manuel Ramos Fachada M. da Silva
Raimundo Dimas Santana Filho
São Mateus Agropecuária

Costa Rica
CoopeelDos R.L.
CoopeSabalito R.L.
Finca San Carlos

El Salvador
Finca Agua Caliente
Finca Monterrey
Finca San Rafael

Legesse Sherefa P.L.C. - Dawit Zerihun Kasahun Washing Station
Legesse Sherefa P.L.C. - Germa Adere Debele Washing Station
Tracon Trading P.L.C. - Guji Hambela Washing Station

Finca Buena Vista
Finca Danilandia
Pequeños Productores Santa Cruz Naranjo

Finca Los Chagüites
Finca Mi Cafetal
Finca Santa Martha

Kogilehalla Estate
Nullore Estate
Woddaegooda Estate

Finca San Antonio
Finca Zaragoza/Exportadora Atlantic
Proyecto LIFT Wiwilí

Kayumbu Coffee Washing Station
Mubuga Coffee Washing Station
Nyakabingo Coffee Washing Station

The ranking of each of the 9 finalist countries will be announced on November 16th at the United Nations in New York during an encounter where the coffee producers will know who has won access to the finale of the Ernesto Illy International Coffee Award 2023.

The 9 finalist coffee samples will be evaluated by an independent multidisciplinary jury of international experts (chefs, journalists, tasters, and professionals), who will analyze them and establish who will be awarded the title of 'Best of the Best'.

Consumers will also be invited to taste the 9 finalist coffees and to express their preference through a series of blind tastings organized in illy’s flagship stores around the world in the weeks leading up to the award. The coffee most voted by consumers will win the “Coffee Lovers' Choice” award.