Alessi and illy present Pulcina

Pulcina, the ground-breaking moka that enhances the aroma of coffee

Milan, 26 June 2015 – From the encounter of Alessi and illy, two Italian excellences in design and coffee culture, born a revolutionary coffeemaker that combines technology developed by illycaffè in the field of heat and fluid dynamics with Alessi’s design experience.

Designed by Michele De Lucchi, the “Pulcina” espresso maker is the result of a long-term joint venture to produce a “moka for the new millennium”. Alessi and illycaffè began their project to enhance the functionality of the classic moka fifteen years ago, seeking to develop a shape that would exalt the organoleptic properties of coffee. Pulcina has been designed for consumers who don’t want to give up the pleasure of making great cup of coffee with a moka coffeemaker.

The design is the result of a shared heritage based on the pursuit of excellence, creativity, high quality and innovation. The companies have acquired knowledge during almost a century of history that has brought both companies international renown: one as the leading premium coffee brand, the other as one of leading renowned Italian Design Factory.

Alberto Alessi, Chairman of Alessi SpA, says: “For Illy and Alessi, making the best coffee and manufacturing the most appealing espresso coffeemakers are family pursuits. I think I may safely say that this coffeemaker is going to be a staple in the pursuit of optimization of form to improve the organoleptic properties of coffee prepared in a moka”.
Andrea Illy, Chairman and CEO of illycaffè, says: “This moka perfectly interprets the passion for excellence that has always set apart the Alessi and illy brands. It will help increase the popularity of this method of brewing espresso, the veritable worldwide symbol of Italian living.

Analysing the processes that take place within a moka coffeemaker, experts at illy’s R&D Lab identified the ideal shape to achieve optimal coffee extraction and aroma enhancement. The internal geometry of the “Pulcina” heat chamber completes the coffee brewing process so that when the extraction is finished the Strombolian effect and the resulting burnt, bitter aftertaste is eliminated.

The core of the coffeemaker is enclosed within a stepped external shape highlighted by two rounded volumes that, starting from a broader base, form an elegant ensemble. The V-shaped spout, which looks a little like a chick’s beak – hence the Italian name – has been designed to perfectly cut through the last drop when the hot beverage is poured out into the cup.

“Pulcina” is made from aluminium, an excellent conductor of heat. It may be used on gas, electric and glass ceramic hobs. The packaging features a pop-styled design that reflects the dual colours – red and black – of the knob and handle.

Visitors to Expo Milano 2015 will be the first to be able to get “Pulcina” in a preview sale at the illy shop at the Coffee Cluster, from July 2015 onwards, in a special pack that features a three-cup coffeemaker and a 125 gramme pack of illy coffee ground for use in a moka. Alessi will be officially presenting the two red and black 1, 3, and 6 cup versions of the coffeemaker at European trades fairs this autumn.

“Pulcina” is a revolutionary coffeemaker and the latest example of the innovative skills of these two typically Italian industrial enterprises.

illycaffè was founded in Trieste in 1933; the company manufactures and markets a unique blend of 100% Arabica espresso coffee and is the leading brand in top quality coffee. Illycaffè is an official partner of Expo 2015, creating and managing the content, exhibits and events centred on coffee in the common area of the Expo Coffee Cluster. Almost 7 million cups of illy coffee are consumed daily throughout the world. illy coffee is sold in more than 140 countries and is served in over 100,000 of the world’s finest restaurants and cafés. Espressamente illy, the Italian-style café franchise, currently operates through 230 outlets in 43 countries. The company also set up and runs the Coffee University with a view to fostering and spreading the culture of coffee; this centre of excellence provides comprehensive academic and hands-on training for coffee growers, baristas and fans covering every aspect of the product. The company has approximately 1,084 people on its global payroll, and in 2014 posted consolidated revenues of €391 million. illy purchases green coffee beans directly from growers of the highest quality Arabica, based on partnerships underpinned by the principles of sustainable development. Out of its Trieste headquarters the company encourages long-term partnerships with the world’s best growers in Brazil, Central America, India and Africa, sharing know-how and technology and paying higher than market compensation.

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