The contemporary artist Sheroanawë Hakihiiwë wins XII illySustainArt Award at ARCOmadrid 2019

The jury has recognised the work of this young Yanonami artist (Venezuela), who exhibits the gallery ABRA, for its contemporary revision of the cosmogony and the indigenous imaginary

Madrid, February 28, 2019 - Sheroanawë Hakihiiwë (1971, El Platanal - Venezuela) was awarded the prestigious illy SustainArt Prize during the XIIth edition, held today at ARCOmadrid2019. The recognition has been attributed to him for his set of 63 drawings on cane fiber paper made by the artist himself, entitled ‘Where I live in my jungle and in the Orinoco river these animals also live.' In these creations, and to through his own language, he narrates realities of his daily life with the animals and indigenous people of the Amazon, where he lives and works.

The work can be seen until next March 3 at the 38th edition of the Fair International of Contemporary Art of Madrid (ARCO), in the Dialogues section, stand 9A12, along with a selection of creations from the gallery ABRA. Precisely is the co-director of this gallery, Luís Romero, who has been in charge of collecting the Hakihiiwë prize. "He lives with his isolated community in the Amazon, so he can not be here. You will know what you have achieved this achievement the next time we see each other, although I'm sure you've already known through your shamans, "he explained visibly excited.

The work of Sheroanawë Hakihiiwë has been selected among 11 finalists from Latin American countries and coffee producers born after the year 1970 (whose works are identified with the logo of illycaffè in the different stands of ARCO), by a trained jury by Manuela Moscoso, curator of the Liverpool Biennial, Lucía Sanromán, Director of the Laboratorio Arte Alameda and Curator dell Large Yerba Buena Center for the Arts of San Francisco, as well as the artistic direction of illycaffè. They have argued their decision unanimously explaining "the importance of this work that abstracts and narrates indigenous daily life contemporary through a new language, which the artist initiated with his artistic process in the 2004”.

This milestone is for Sheroanawë Hakihiiwë an important international recognition that opens new and important paths to Venezuelan contemporary art. But, in addition to a artistic springboard, it also consists of an economic endowment -without the purchase of the work-, for that this young promise of art can continue to develop its creativity. Romero has also wanted to add that part of this prize "will be destined to the same
community. For example, will serve to buy mosquito nets to protect against malaria."

The illy SustainArt Prize was born with the aim of spreading the company's commitment to the sustainable growth of the international artistic community. Its objective is to offer opportunities for visibility and exchange within the art market and its coffee producing countries.