illy presents the Y5 Iperespresso Espresso & Coffee, a Coffee Machine to Fit Your Style

Trieste, 16 May 2016 – Espresso or American-style coffee? Dilemma solved: illy’s family of machines greets a new arrival to celebrate Iperespresso’s tenth anniversary. illy proudly announce the birth of the Y5 Espresso & Coffee, the first machine designed specifically to cater to both espresso and American-style coffee lovers. 

The new system satisfies the many different ways people like to drink their coffee these days. It makes two different types of coffee – espresso and American-style coffee – offering the practicality of using just one machine. The latest result of illy’s ongoing research and technological innovation, the Y5 Espresso & Coffee can be loaded with espresso capsules – which extract coffee through infusion and emulsion stages – or American-style coffee capsules which use a low pressure extraction.

The illy Iperespresso capsule range now enriches its proposal to offer the opportunity to make, in addition to the espresso, the highest-quality American-style coffee with the unmistakable flavour of illy’s 100%-Arabica blend. Using a cleverly-balanced recipe, these American-style capsules combine ground coffee with a blend of instant coffee extracted using the most advanced conversion techniques to guarantee an exceptional aroma and body in a beverage of around 220ml/7.5 fl. oz.

Y5 Iperespresso Espresso & Coffee maintains the elegant design and compact dimensions of the previous Y5 Iperespresso model by adding the functionality for the extraction of the American-style coffee at the temperature that enhances the illy blend’s flavor. With Y5 Espresso & Coffee it possible to programme the own favourite output amounts and taste intensity, making it possible to enjoy a perfectly-dosed coffee whenever you want.

The versatility of the union of the new machine Y5 Iperespresso E & C and the caspules range, made for different preparations and tastes, has turned coffee-making into something akin to the world of bespoke tailoring: a world of professionalism and creativity for interpreting and making the most of every individual’s qualities, all the while respecting style, taste and form.

Y5 Iperespresso E&C (Black, White and Satin) and the entire Iperespresso capsules range, in over 10 variants for espresso and 3 for American-style coffee, are available from illycaffè stores and the website. Recommended retail prices: € 149.00 (Black and White) and € 169.00 (Satin).



Iperspresso System
illy’s Iperespresso capsule system was conceived to make it possible to brew a peerless, intense and aromatic cup of coffee at home. Designed for each type of brew and to cater all coffee-drinking tastes and styles, the capsules are the beating heart of the system. The illy Iperespresso capsule is a technological wonder protected by five patents. It was entirely conceived and developed at the illycaffè Research & Innovation labs for home espresso-brewing purposes. Thanks to its exclusive two-stage system, including a special infusion phase, the capsule releases an explosion of aromas. The emulsion phase imbues the coffee with a marvellous soft and velvety texture. The Iperespresso capsule for American-style coffee has a special built-in miniaturized filter for percolating an exceptionally aromatic cup of coffee. American-style coffee capsules can be used with “Espresso & Coffee” technology-equipped machines capable of handling both types of capsule. These machines sport the following logo:


Y5 Iperespresso Espresso & Coffee

  • Frontal extraction
  • Used capsule tank capacity: 10 capsules
  • Touch keys
  • Ready in less than one minute from turning on
  • Energy-saving after 30 minutes idle
  • Automatic stop after programmed espresso and American-style coffee output + option of customizing volume to taste
  • Machine dimensions: 14.50 cm (l) x 28.50 cm (d) x 24.50 cm (h)
  • In the box: 14 assorted espresso and American-style coffee capsule sampling kit (6 Espresso and 8 American-style coffee)
  • Pump: 19 bar
  • Voltage: 230V



  •  Uses the exclusive Iperespresso system to extract coffee in 2 stages: infusion and subsequent emulsion
  • illy blend variants: normal, dark, long and decaffeinated + 6 single Monoarabica
  • Capsule body: transparent 
  • 100% ground coffee
  • Uses the exclusive Iperespresso system which obtains, through a special miniaturized filter, a low pressure extraction
  • illy blend variants: normal, dark, and decaffeinated
  • Capsule body: opaque grey
  • 81% ground coffee + 19% instant coffee
  • Compatible with Espresso & Coffee machines