Announcing the Third Convention organized by illy and the Università del Caffè entitled “Growing Together”

Trieste, 28th November 2016 – The third Università del Caffè’s Convention entitled “Growing Together” is being held in Honduras between 5 and 7 December. The convention organized by illy and Università del Caffè at Università El Zamorano, a school specialized in agriculture based in the municipality of San Antonio de Oriente, will be attended by about 60 teachers coming from 25 foreign branches of illy.

The convention aims to be a moment of educational alignment, debate and specific focus on work practices into plantations and on trade dynamics of the green coffee to better understand the present and the future of coffee.

This year’s three-day convention is tackling theory with lessons from expert teachers and practice through a guided tour of the Finca Quetanquira coffee plantation, with a chance to view every stage of the growing process.

Five different stages are being presented in the classroom and in the field: the plantation, from analyzing plant varieties and drupes to keeping them growing; harvesting; the wet mill for fermentation, washing and grading; the drying process; and, last of all, the selection process through analysis of green beans and the export of beans that meet given quality standards.

illy founded the Università del Caffè to promote, support and disseminate high-quality coffee culture around the globe through education. For over fifteen years, the Università del Caffè has been providing dedicated training and education not just to coffee enthusiasts and coffee lovers but to all professionals involved in the supply chain, from growers to catering professionals, offering a chance to learn and advance.

Ernesto Illy Master’s in Coffee Economics and Science Graduates Olvin Alejandro Rodríguez Valladares, Juan Alfredo Pacas, Stephany Dávila, Mario Arroyo and Marjorie Canjura are the lecturers scheduled to speak at the convention.