illycaffè official partner of EXPO 2015 for the Coffee Cluster

Milan, March 6, 2013. illycaffè is the official partner of Expo 2015 and it takes charge of the content project and management, the exhibitions and the events associated to coffee, in the Coffee Cluster common area. This morning the announcement has been made by Giuseppe Sala, Managing Director of EXPO 2015, and by Andrea Illy, CEO and Managing Director of illycaffè. 

The World Expo of Milan – “Feeding the planet. Energy for life” - will give special visibility to traditions, creativity, and innovations in the food industry. The Triestine company’s proposal fits well into this context: it is a well-constructed program aimed at spreading the culture of coffee and its importance to the global social-economic system. illycaffè has been chosen for its holistic approach to this subject that will enhance the value of the participating guest countries, and make the partnership of different cultures a bit easier, in agreement with the Expo leading values.

The project was born by the synergy of know-how, knowledge and relationships that the company has experienced in eighty years of its history. This exceptional heritage has led illy to be known all over the world as the authority of the real Italian espresso. A deep knowledge of the world of coffee and of the producing countries; the pursuit of excellence; the trend to sustainable development; the skill in creating cultural and art events are the main powers of the program as scheduled by illycaffè for the Coffee Cluster common area which will be supervised by Roberto Morelli, Business Development Manager of the Triestine company.

We are proud to have been selected as Expo 2015 partner. For us this is a wonderful chance for exchanges and cooperation” Andrea Illy said. “We will create and provide all visitors with an absolute experience about the world of coffee and the producing countries. With exhibitions, events and multimedia enterprises we will reach to the international public and spread the history, the knowledge, the innovation, the taste and the passion that lead our company and are parts of each cup of our coffee”.

“Thanks to the project developed by illy for Expo Milan 2015, the Coffee Cluster will be one of the most enjoyable and interesting exhibition places”
Giuseppe Sala explained. “Thanks to the Triestine company, Italian coffee knowledge and experience will be represented just fine at the World Expo. The Cluster will become a fruitful meeting and exchanging place, the ideal set for new synergies to be created among the most dynamic realities of this industry and the best place to give life to future fruit-bearing collaborations”.

This will be the longest event ever to be dedicated to coffee, and it will be achievable thanks to an innovative collaboration between institutions and a private actor, that will receive a crucial support by the town council of Trieste, the European reference for coffee, and by partners that represent the Italian excellence in the world, such as Eataly.

Among the projects, a journey in the world of coffee through exhibition areas and a calendar packed with events open to all Expo Milan 2015 visitors: from popular meetings  to sample tastings, from focus groups to entertainment. In the common area Sebastião Salgado’s reportage will be on display, as a special homage to people, history, traditions, and history of the coffee producing countries. His photographic journey in the coffee producing countries for illycaffè begun in 2002, with the main purpose of covering the coffee growers’ life and work, and tell the breathtaking beauty of those regions. Moreover, thanks to a network of international relationships developed by the company all along the years, Expo 2015 will be included in the promotional and market development program of ICO (International Coffee Organization), the reference body of the industry. By the means of multimedia tools and interactive systems, it will also be possible to share the coffee world experience in real time even outside the exposition and in the guest countries.

The main feature of the whole project will be a special attention to sustainability. All furniture and equipments will be built in echo-sustainable materials: waste coffee will shape objects of everyday use and special settings while some outfits will be made in coffee fibers.

Obviously, at the coffee bar it will be possible to taste different illy samples, prepared and proposed by the University of Coffee, while all illy and Group illy brand products will be available at the shop. In order to enjoy the ultimate espresso experience, and to match aesthetic and tasting pleasures, on this occasion a new collection of coffee cups dedicated to Expo 2015 will be launched.

Based in Trieste, Italy, illycaffè produces and markets a unique blend of espresso coffee under a single brand leader in quality. Over 6 million cups of illy espresso coffee are enjoyed every day. illy is sold in over 140 countries around the world and is available in more than 100,000 of the best restaurants and coffee bars. espressamente illy, the chain of franchised Italian-style coffee bars is now present in more than 30 countries and comprises 230 outlets. With the aim of spreading the coffee culture, illy has founded the Università del caffè, the centre of excellence offering theoretical and practical training on every aspect of coffee for coffee growers, coffee shops staff and enthusiasts. On a global level illycaffè employs about 800 people and has a consolidated turnover of €342 million. (2011 results)

illy buys green coffee directly from the growers of the highest quality Arabica through partnerships based on the mutual creation of value. The Trieste-based company fosters long-term collaborations with the world's best coffee growers - in Brazil, Central America, India, Africa and China - providing know-how and technology and offering above-market prices.

Expo 2015 is the company in charge with the organization and managing of  Expo Milan 2015 events. Set up in December 2008, it is made by the Government of the Italian Republic (Ministry of Economy and Finances), the Lombardia Region, the Municipality of Milan, the Province of Milan, and the Commerce, Industry, Agriculture, and Arts and Crafts Chamber. For more info and updates on the subject “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” and the Expo 2015 activities go to 

For more information:
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