illycaffè is the official partner of European MICHELIN guide Star Day 2018

Starred Chefs Create Personalized Coffee Blends with illy’s ‘Personal Blender’ Expertise and Technology

Budapest - March 26, 2018 – illycaffè, global leader in the sector of high-quality coffee, is the official coffee partner of European MICHELIN guide Star Day 2018 that takes place in Budapest. During the event, starred chefs will have the chance to experiment the Personal Blender, the machine patented by illy and first presented as a prototype at the Coffee Cluster during Expo Milano 2015.  With the knowledge and expertise residing in this machine and guidance of a Coffee Specialist from the University of Coffee, each chef could combine the 9 coffee varietals used in the illy blend in varying quantities and proportions to create a unique blend that complements each chef’s individual style, based on his or her sensory and taste preferences.

The personal blender is part of the illy Chef Ambassador Program, a project dedicated to culinary masters passionate about coffee and creating the pinnacle of culinary and dining experiences.  For the first time, the company, whose mission since 1933 has been offering the greatest coffee to the world through a unique blend, is now selectively working with a handful of starred chefs to develop highly customized coffee blends.

“I am proud to bring illy’s expertise in selecting the best Arabica coffees in the world to the temple of the starred chefs”- says Massimiliano Pogliani, CEO of illycaffè - “our production chain, well-known for its precise monitoring at each step of the way in order to guarantee the highest quality possible, together with our unique roasting process, represent the base of the “personal blend” where the blending component is left up to the creativity, the taste preference and expertise of each chef, who is guided through this journey of discovery by our University of Coffee experts.”

Each personalized blend by the illy Chef Ambassador is served only in the restaurants of the chef who created it, providing a unique experience at the end of a particular tasting journey, and potentially as a new ingredient for a specific recipe.