illycaffè opens a new branch of Università del Caffè in Brazil

The division is dedicated to the training of hospitality professionals and consumers.
Since 2000, Università operates in the country with courses dedicated to coffee growers.

São Paulo - September 21st, 2022 – illycaffè, a global leader in the high-quality coffee sector, opens today in São Paulo the second Brazilian branch of the Università del Caffè, a knowledge transmission hub that since 1999 aims to promote and disseminate the culture of quality coffee worldwide. It will offer courses for both hospitality professionals and consumers, joining the branch opened in 2000, dedicated to the training of coffee growers, and which, in tandem with the Ernesto Illy Award for Sustainable Coffee Quality for "Espresso" since 1991, was the forerunner of improving the sustainable quality of Brazilian coffee.

Baristas, catering professionals and consumers will be able to follow the course that best suits their needs and interests.  Shrouded in the atmosphere and rich history of the company, participants will be able to learn about the stimulating world of coffee and the unique illy blend, from plant to cup, from the industrialization phase to the development of sustainability along the entire supply chain and the sensory experiences. Practical classes will also teach the best techniques for preparing a perfect espresso, in addition to many other coffee-based drinks.  Specialization and improvement courses, dedicated to hospitality professionals and offered in a structured environment with equipment for all coffee preparation systems, as well as specific training for customers and partners, will aim to ensure the perfect cup of coffee to the consumers of the illy bars. 

"With the inauguration of this second Brazilian branch of Università del Caffè we want to strengthen our presence in the hospitality sector in Brazil , improving the training of those involved in the transformation of the product - explains Moreno Faina, Director of the University of Coffee - Brazil has always been strategic for illy,  it was the country that gave rise to the Università del Caffè for the producers, initiating the expansion of a training model that is now replicated in 26 countries of the world."

Promoting knowledge-sharing is the main objective of the Università del Caffè, which to date has trained more than 320,000 people thanks to the expertise of the 80 certified professors working in the university’s 26 other branches. Through the opening of Brazil's second branch, illy continues to bring to the world the culture of sustainable high-quality coffee, supporting all supply chain operators on their learning path.

University of Coffee for growers
PENSA - Avenida Professor Luciano Gualberto, 908 - University City - São Paulo

University of Coffee for professionals and consumers
illycaffè Sud América
Rua Oscar Freire, 708 - São Paulo