illycaffè celebrates International Coffee Day with #cupsidedown, the communication campaign dedicated to the circular economy as a responsible gesture towards the planet

Trieste – September 30, 2022 – On the occasion of International Coffee Day, celebrated every year on October 1st, illycaffè, the global leader in high-quality coffee, will focus on the Circular Economy, highlighting the environmentally sustainable practices behind high-quality coffee production.

Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world, with a major impact on the economy and the environment. For this reason, drinking a cup of coffee is not merely a matter of taste, it must become a responsible gesture towards the environment.  On October 1st illy will launch #cupsidedown, the communication campaign to raise awareness on the importance of the circular economy as an alternative to the traditional linear economy model.

With #cupsidedown illycaffè is stressing the need for this change in perspective through an illy Art Collection designed in collaboration with the artist Matteo Attruia and featuring an upside-down cup. Turning the iconic illy cup upside down is a symbolic gesture that shifts the consumer’s traditional perspective, with the goal of promoting a virtuous attitude and highlighting the sustainability behind each cup of illy coffee.

Through the #cupsidedown campaign, which will run for the entire month of October in all illy Caffè sales points, consumers will be able to experience the upside-down cup and, through dedicated content, learn about the impact that small, everyday gestures can have on the planet, especially with regards to coffee and its value chain, and the importance of responsible farming practices.

The creation of economic, social, and environmental value for all stakeholders has been illycaffè’s driving principle since its inception and has led it to develop a business model based on sustainable quality. As a Benefit Corporation and certified B-Corp, illy firmly believes in the need to build a system that can regenerate itself on its own, ensuring the well-being of people and the planet. The company works hand in hand with coffee farmers, training them to achieve sustainable quality and supporting projects that create value for local communities and the environment. Illycaffè aims to become carbon-free by 2033 by applying a circular, regenerative model that can sequester carbon along its own supply chain through the use of renewable energy and by reducing the impact of every element along the production cycle, from products to packaging.

"With #cupsidedown we continue the training journey started last year during the month of coffee. The upside-down cup, symbol of this campaign, has been designed to propose a change of perspective, a different way of living and observing our daily lives, starting from a natural gesture such as drinking an illy coffee, which must not be appreciated only for its taste but also for the value it generates for people and for the Planet - explains Cristina Scocchia,   CEO of illycaffè - To amplify the positive impact it is necessary to stimulate a change of perspective, a new way of thinking about the use of resources that favor the transition from a linear economic model to a circular one. By working together, with a sense of responsibility, we can drive the transaction towards a sustainable future." 

The #cupsidedown will be available starting on October 1st at:, on all of illy’s social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter), illy Caffè outlets and supermarkets.