Johanna Parv and Rosie Baird are the joint winners of the ITS Fashion@Work by illy Award 2020

Trieste, October 23rd, 2020Johanna Parv (Estonia) and Rosie Baird (Scotland) are the joint winners of the ITS Fashion@Work by illy Award 2020. A podium for two for the award created by illycaffé as part of the 2020 edition of ITS - International Talent Support, the international competition selecting the best young talents in fashion design. Once again, illycaffè is one of ITS’s partners.

In the final phase of the prize, Carlo Bach, illycaffe’s Artistic Director, carefully examined the projects of the ten finalists: their challenge was to re-invent, sustainably and in accordance with their own vision, the classic barista’s apron, a professional garment enhanced by unexpected features and contents.

The ten finalists’ works were unveiled during a live streaming event at 4.00 pm (CET) on Friday 23rd October, a virtual cinematic experience accessible to everyone for the first time: the audience – comprising fashion journalists, designers, and experts in international trends along with simple aficionados – was able to enjoy a surprising diversity of styles and aesthetics.

“Once again, having to judge such great creativity applied to one of the commonest professional garments was a true pleasure. The overall level was very high, with two projects standing out: Rosie Baird’s, which is based on a concept steeped in identity, the traditional Scottish kilt, which she turned into a haute couture item with a great care for details and a manufacturing method that avoids unnecessary waste. A tapestry-apron that reflects the journey of coffee and the various phases of production. Johanna Parv’s work took an approach that was almost the opposite in style to Baird’s but was equally stimulating. She managed to turn an apron into a versatile object, promoting its use outside of the workplace as well. She turns a uniform into an accessory inspired by the traditional harnesses work by coffee pickers to encourage active and sustainable urban mobility” according to Carlo Bach, illycaffè’s Artistic Director.

The winners will receive a cash prize of € 5,000 each.