Josean Alija presents at Expo Milano the conclusions of his research on green coffee as a new ingredient

For three years he has studied with his team and illycaffè the features of coffee to maximize it through innovative creations

Josean Alija, chef at the restaurant Nerua Guggenheim Bilbao, will present on June 4th at the Expo Milan the conclusions of the investigation carried out with illycaffè on the applications of green coffee in food. A work that began in 2012 and will culminate with the presentation that Alija will offer in the Coffee Cluster, organized by illycaffè.

The common values I share with illycaffè have made possible the development of this project. We propose to enjoy the gastronomic coffee experience through a journey of the senses with a new language reported on this product” Alija said.

Coffee applications in food is a project to investigate and discover the hidden properties of coffee and to empower them through innovative culinary creations in order to establish new coffee consumption habits and offer a product that generates an experience.

Alija and his team have investigated in depth the characteristics of green coffee, a very interesting product to be used in cooking as an accompaniment, taste enhancer or flavoring.

We shared knowledge and experiences with experts of illycaffè, to innovate from reflection, to make the coffee a new product in the kitchen. Coffee, in combination with other foods, becomes a flavor enhancer and an interlocutor with the memory” said Alija.

The chef from Bilbao will present in Milan a short film where he explains how he worked, how the creative process is applied to squeeze the qualities of green coffee. A trip to the essence of the raw material that has uncovered the versatility of this product.

During the presentation will also be screened a video, like a cookbook, where different applications of green coffee and roasted coffee in food, in combination with other products, are shown such as Fungus, tears of sweet vegetables and coffee infusion; Crayfish, endive, coconut and leeks juice; Chickpeas cooked with herbs; Pear, hazelnut and elderberry Garnillas serum; Iberian pork Castanets, broccoli, ham and chervil juice ...

Coffee is not just an energy drink, but it can also be the main ingredient of a base in the kitchen, feel and appreciate the nuances sequence that reveals the importance and versatility of the product” Alija said.

The work to be presented in Milan would not be possible without a strong R & D team which makes possible the essence of Nerua. Innovation is a major effort in human and material resources, but necessary. Innovation at the service of creativity. Innovation alleged and manifest.

Research and innovation are the soul of Nerua. Thanks to them value is added to every product squeezing the most of their qualities. Nerua’s creative process (analysis, reflection, reframing) is applied to all of them. In-depth research of coffee applications in food is a  never published work until now and will not stop on this product.

The presentation that Josean Alija will offer in Milan will be the culmination of three years of work, from which some sketches had already be presented. National Geographic, in collaboration with FOX International, highlighted in a brief documentary the research of green coffee that have been made by Alija and his team since 2012.

The chef at Nerua had released the first progress of the research in one of the speeches he gave in 2013 at Madrid Fusion. In it, Alija developed the newfound quality of coffee as an enhancer of aromas and flavors of other products.

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