Ernesto Illy Foundation and illycaffè launch the Master Degree in Economics and Science of Coffee in Trieste – Ernesto Illy at its 11th edition this year

Students attending the Master Degree will be 23, coming from 16 different countries. The course will last one year and will be held in a hybrid mode.

Trieste, January 10th  2022 – The 11th Academic Year of the First-level Master Degree in Economics and Science of Coffee – Ernesto Illy kicks off today, with the purpose of offering students graduated in economics, engineering and agricultural science a thorough education on the culture of coffee, from the plant to the cup, on the social value of coffee consumption and the culture of producing countries.

The Master Degree in Economics and Science of Coffee – Ernesto Illy, an unicum in the world, confirms Trieste as a world capital when it comes to coffee culture. It can count on a set of prestigious teachers who come from the likes of University of Trieste, University of Udine, Drexel University, Kedge Business School, MIB Trieste School of Management, University of Padova, University of Sao Paolo, University of Trento, University of Northern Colorado, University of Copenhagen and the World Coffee Research. The Master’s supporting partners are University of Trieste, University of Udine and the SISSA – Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati di Trieste (International School of Advanced Studies of Trieste). The Ernesto Illy Foundation has contributed with 11 economic and 4 partial supports to deserving students coming from coffee-producing countries. The Friuli Foundation has confirmed for this academic year a scholarship to a deserving student in the Udine area.

Students enrolled to this academic year are 23 and come from 16 countries: Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, Mozambique, Nicaragua, United States, Ukraine and Uganda – confirming the international vocation of the Master Degree.

Among the 206 students coming from 33 countries who graduated in the previous ten editions (86 women and 120 men), 88% of them continue to be active in the world of coffee and has improved their job position after having attended the Master Degree.

For the first time the 9 modules the course are given in a hybrid mode and will be spread over twelve months – from January to December 2022 – both through online classes and with laboratory activities in the period of September and October to be held in the illycaffè headquarter in Trieste, thus giving working students the chance to attend the Master Degree.

The directors of the Master Degree are Furio Suggi Liverani, appointed by illycaffè, Andrea Tracogna, named by the University of Trieste and Pietro Romano appointed by the University of Udine.