Feed your mind have a coffee

The new merchandising line created by illycaffè for Expo Milano 2015

Trieste, 01 May 2015illycaffè, the Official Coffee Partner of Expo Milano 2015, proudly presents its new merchandising line, “Feed your mind have a coffee, invented specially for the Universal Exposition in Milan. illy’s new line focuses entirely on coffee and the fact that it is often associated with creativeness. Because, since time immemorial, coffee has always fuelled thought and intelligence, stimulated the mind and inspired new ideas.

The “Feed your mind have a coffee” range is a line of useful, everyday objects, decorated with graphics created by the celebrated artist James Rosenquist – one of the protagonists of American Pop Art and creator of the red logo currently used by the Trieste coffee company. The leitmotif of the range is the illy espresso coffee-cup, its extraordinary aroma wafting skywards, regarded as a source of energy and vitality.
The items on offer in the “Feed your mind have a coffee” line have been designed for those special moments of every day: for using at table, in your free time, or during moments of creative writing.

There are ten articles in our new line:
For the table: a 250-g illy coffee tin, a decorated box of sugar cubes, and colourful breakfast mats. Articles designed to ensure that you are enthusiastic and creative the minute you get up in the morning.
For free time: a T-shirt, a shopping-bag, a travel mug and a coffee-cup-shaped key ring, so that you can take all that coffee-generated energy with you.
For creative writing: an engagement diary, a wrap-around crayon case and a box of coffee-cup-shaped paper clips. Objects designed to prevent your ideas, thoughts and memories from escaping when your mind is at its most creative.

All the items in the “Feed your mind have a coffee” line bear the Expo 2015 logo. They will be on sale from the end of April at Illy points-of-sale, at illy’s online shop (shop.illy.com), at bars frequented by illy’s most loyal customers, in the Coffee Cluster at Expo and in other prestigious sales channels.

250-g espresso coffee tin  € 6,83
Set of 2 breakfast mats € 12,00
Decorated box of sugar cubes € 6,00
Men’s/Women’s T-shirt € 18,00
Bag  € 13,00
Travel mug € 20,00
Key ring € 7,00
Engagements diary € 9,00
Wrap-around crayon case € 15,00
Box of paper clips € 6,00

illycaffè, with headquarters in Trieste, produces and markets a unique blend of espresso coffee and is the leading brand in the high-end segment of the coffee market. illycaffè is the official partner of Expo 2015 and it takes charge of the content project and management, the exhibitions and the events associated to coffee, in the Coffee Cluster common area. More than 6 million cups of illy espresso coffee are enjoyed every day. Sold in more than 140 countries around the world, illy is available in more than 100,000 of the world’s best restaurants and cafés. espressamente illy, the Italian-style coffee franchising chain, is present with 230 outlets in more than 30 countries to date. To grow and spread the culture of coffee, the company has established Coffee University, a center of excellence that offers full training in all aspects of coffee theory and practice to growers, baristas and coffee lovers. Globally, the company employs around 1,050 people and, in 2013, recorded consolidated sales of € 373.9 million. illycaffé buys green coffee directly from growers of the best Arabica through partnerships based on sustainable development. Working with the best growers in the world – in Brazil, Central America, India, Africa and China – the Trieste-based company develops long-term relationships that transfer know-how and technology to growers while paying above the market rate for their production.