Introducing Monday Art Conversations, a series of dialogues organized by illycaffè to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the illy Art Collection at the Royal Gardens in Venice

Trieste, June 06, 2022 – illycaffè continues its celebrations of the 30th anniversary of illy Art Collection – the iconic cups that have turned an everyday object into a blank canvas on which illustrious international artists have showcased their work – by hosting a weekly Monday Art Conversations series in the month of June.

Through this program, illycaffè aims to give art lovers a venue where they can discuss and delve into the topics, ideas, and aesthetics featured in the 59th International Art Exhibition, of which illy is a partner. The meetings will be held at the Royal Gardens with the illy Art Collection exhibition as their backdrop, and will feature conversations between artists, curators, and art historians.

The first of three events will be held on Monday, June 13, at 18:00 and will be curated by the art historian Angela Vettese. Her conversation with the Romanian artist and curator Alexandra Pirici - whose work is featured at the Biennale - will revolve around the symbolic and practical value of corporeity in the art world. The talk is part of the “Il Corpo Esposto [The Body Exhibited]” seminar cycle from the Iuav Venice University’s PhD program and it will be moderated by Vera Mantengoli.

The events to follow will feature other leading lights of the Italian cultural scene: on June 20 the director of the National Museum of Digital Art Ilaria Bonacossa and the Italian visual artist Patrick Tuttofuoco will analyze the relationship between art and the digital sphere together with the journalist and writer Domenico Quaranta. The title of the talk is "NFT and digital art: transformation or revolution?"

The final event, scheduled for Monday, June 27, will host a dialogue entitled "The great artistic productions: the relationship between collector and artist" and it will be an open conversation between Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, President of the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation, and Biennale artist Giulia Cenci, moderated by the journalist Alessandro Zangrando.

Monday Art Conversations – Royal Gardens, Venice

Il Corpo Esposto [The Body Exhibited]– June 13, 18:00

Angela Vettese and Alexandra Pirici, moderated by Vera Mantengoli

NFT and digital art: transformation or revolution? – June 20, 18:00
Ilaria Bonacossa with Patrick Tuttofuoco and Domenico Quaranta

The great artistic productions: the relationship between collector and artist – June 27, 18:00
Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo and Giulia Cenci moderated by Alessandro Zangrando