New leadership and new programmes for the Fondazione Altagamma: Andrea Illy is named president

Milan, 19 April 2013. After commemorating its twenty-year anniversary with the travelling exhibition and the book entitled Altagamma Italian Contemporary Excellence, the Fondazione Altagamma is restarting with new leadership and ambitious plans for the future, which were revealed to the public today.

During the last General Assembly, representatives from 76 Altagamma companies elected a new president, Andrea Illy, the successor of Claudio Luti, who served as president of Cosmit since October 2012. Paolo Zegna will work alongside Andrea Illy as Vice Chairman.

Andrea Illy was elected on the basis of a program that calls for significant changes in the organisation’s governance.

The Presidential Committee has expanded: Vice-Chairmen have been assigned with a broad mandate in terms of operational proposals within the sectors represented in Altagamma.

The more streamlined Board of Directors will be supported by a Strategic Council, assigned to meet four times a year to define the general guidelines of the foundation’s strategy.

The strategy for the next three years will focus on consolidating the institutional status of the Fondazione Altagamma, aimed at improving the competitiveness of the luxury market.

An objective based on the fact that the luxury market drives exports and represents an added value for Italian manufacturing. By strengthening the high-end sector, the entire national production system will benefit.

The Fondazione Altagamma commissioned the CRESV Institute of Bocconi University to conduct a detailed analysis on the luxury market’s contribution to GDP, employment, exports, investment and tax revenue.
The hope is that this study will lead to the institution of a public and private partnership between the government and the Fondazione Altagamma.  

The activities of the Fondazione Altagamma currently underway include:

-  Business Development (New Holding for high end industry and distribution, Institutional Relations, Networking, Research, Cross Selling and Cross Marketing)
-  Altagamma Business Culture  (Strategic Council, Altagamma Business Culture Program, Education, Craftsmanship)
-  Promotion (Relaunch of the city of Milan)


Board of Directors
Fondazione Altagamma 2013 - 2015

Santo Versace

Leonardo Ferragamo

Andrea Illy

Paolo Zegna

Founding Chairman

Honorary Chairman


Vice Chairman

Gianni Versace

Salvatore Ferragamo


Ermenegildo Zegna

Francesca Bortolotto Possati

Armando Branchini

Matteo Lunelli

Claudio Luti

Laudomia Pucci

Stefano Agostini

Stefano Alessi

Maria Cristina Buccellati

Patrizio Di Marco

Carla Fendi

Roberto Gavazzi

Carmen Moretti De Rosa

Giuseppe Prezioso

Lamberto Tacoli

Vice Chairman

Vice Chairman

Vice Chairman

Vice Chairman

Vice Chairperson










Bauer Hotel

Fondazione Altagamma

Cantine Ferrari


Emilio Pucci







L’Albereta – L’Andana

Max Mara



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