With the New Y5 Milk Iperespresso - Espresso & Coffee Every Moment of the Day is an illy Moment

Trieste, 21 September 2016 – Breakfast with an intensely aromatic espresso coffee or the soft creamy foam of a cappuccino? An afternoon break with the fragrance of a cup of tea or an American-style coffee? Just before bedtime, a relaxing cup of herb tea?

Now, thanks to the versatility of illy’s new Y5 Milk Iperespresso - Espresso & Coffee machine , one simple touch is all it takes to make six different types of beverage and choose between an espresso or an American-style coffee .

Y5 Milk Iperespresso - Espresso & Coffee is the next step for the previous Y5 Milk Iperespresso model, bringing in Espresso & Coffee functionality developed as a result of illy’s never-ending research and quest for technological innovation. The new machine accepts both espresso capsules (using a two-stage extraction process of infusion and emulsion) and American-style coffee capsules (using an extraction process to reproduce the percolation that takes place in traditional filter coffee machines).

What’s more, Y5 Milk Iperespresso Espresso & Coffee makes not just espresso and American-style coffee, it can also make cappuccinos, latte macchiato and hot milk thanks to a built-in milk tank, and, using hot water, tea and herb teas . Touch-sensitive buttons ensure that all it takes is one simple touch to select one of the six pre-configured recipes and to personalize the quantity of beverage produced. These features, its compact size, ease-of-use and full-frontal access make the Y5 Milk Iperespresso E&C the ideal machine for making any time of day the perfect time for a break.

Y5 Milk Iperespresso E&C (available in Black and White ) and the full range of Iperespresso capsules (over 10 types of espresso and 3 American-style coffees) are on sale at illycaffè stores and from the www.illy.com website.

Recommended retail price: €289.00