illycaffè presents “ORIZZONTE”

A new coffee recipe between heaven and earth, adding the natural flavour of Spirulina algae to the unmistakable illy blend aroma.

Trieste, 28 May 2021 – Coffee experience has reached new heights with Orizzonte. This new and surprising recipe is exclusively available in illy Caffés globally.

With two layers of enthralling soft and shiny froth, obtained by mixing skimmed milk, acacia honey and blue Spirulina powder, Orizzonte is a new tasting experience stemming from innovation and originality.

The University of Coffee has conceived the Orizzonte recipe in every detail to reproduce, also visually, the apparent line between heaven and earth: as coffee is poured in the glass with the milk froth, an horizon against the sky is created, resulting from the milk froth and Spirulina. This alga provides the coffee with a surprising blue colour, keeping its taste unchanged.

It is an artistic recipe and each consumer may create personal horizons, providing their touch with the unmistakable illy 100% Arabica blend. This horizon is something to look at with hope and confidence at a time of great uncertainty. Much more than just a coffee: a message of optimism and peace of mind.