Wearable Technology at Expo 2015? Come to illy at the Coffee Cluster


Donning Epson’s Moverio smartglasses, visitors to the pavilion go on an immersive, all-involving experience for a more in-depth look at the history and secrets of coffee.

Cinisello Balsamo, 6 July 2015 –
A completely new and highly stimulating experience awaits visitors to the Expo Milano 2015 Coffee Cluster. As the event’s Official Coffee Partner and curator of pavilion content and activities, illycaffè has chosen Epson Moverio smartglass technology to offer visitors a new way to find out about coffee’s amazing story: assisted by a fully-trained guide, visitors wearing Moverio devices view videos and animations that make the tour more effective, enjoyable and involving.

Silvia Dell’Oglio, one of the trained guides, says: “Visitors have no problem using a Moverio: after just a few minutes they forget they’re even wearing one, so absorbed are they by the videos and the vast amount of information they are taking in. It’s also fun to watch the reactions of other visitors when they see fifteen people all with the same glasses on, all stood still and facing in the same direction. Many people come up to me to ask what’s going on, and then sign up for their own tour.

The hyper-technological Coffee Cluster was designed especially to offer a rich and involving experience to all visitors. Epson’s wearable technology makes it possible to travel through the universe of one of the world’s best-loved beverages. Technology- and entertainment- driven, the smartglasses make the most of audio/video content and animated illustrations as they continuously switch back and forth between the Cluster’s environment, where visitors get hands-on experience with some of the key stages of the coffee story – from the plant to roasting and how coffee makes it to the cup – and the stories of the people who, whether it be on a plantation or in a lab, ensure that we get a perfect drink with a wonderful aroma and olfactory nuance.

“We have pulled out all the stops for the digital version of the Coffee Cluster because we want to offer the chance of being part of the greatest celebration of coffee in history to as wide an audience as possible,” says Roberto Morelli, Director of the Coffee Cluster. “We will continue to enrich and enhance the Digital Coffee Cluster with new material, as we strive to make it into a true legacy for the world of coffee after the Universal Exposition is over.”

A digital tour on a journey around the story of coffee and the people involved.
After putting on their Moverio smartglasses, visitors learn all about the story of coffee, shuttling back and forth between the real and the digital. The lenses show videos of environmental footage, workers’ stories and animations that explain the various different stages of processing to create an experience that is both enjoyable and effective: taking advantage of the structure’s lamellar design, the glasses display images that seem to appear on the Cluster walls along huge containers. This Epson technology also lets visitors record their tour and make their own videos, so that they can go on their “Coffee Experience” all over again after they get home.

Carla Conca, Sales Manager Visual Instruments at Epson Italia, says: “Using Moverio smartglasses, visitors to the Coffee Cluster experience the coffee story immersively but not invasively, alternating between real experiences and digital info. The tour is especially effective because it allows everybody to actively take part in the experience, conveying a whole lot more information than simply browsing an old-fashioned information panel.

Wearable technology is the future
Epson Moverio smartglasses are a compact device weighing just 88 grammes. Comfortable and user-friendly, they make it possible to see the world in a new way by using a number of functions that provide a view of reality enhanced by digital information.
With so much technology built in (a forward-facing camera, gyroscope, GPS, compass and accelerometer), the smartglasses precisely monitor how the wearer is moving, enabling wearers to always be fully aware of what is around them and move freely and safely through the space.
Based on Android technology, Moverio smartglasses are being used in a number of industries, from entertainment to business and lifestyle. Thanks to their versatility, they cater to a vast number of needs, offering a unique experience every time.

How to go on a Coffee Cluster digital experience
Moverio-enhanced tours are held daily at 12.30 pm, 3.00 pm and 5.30 pm. Tours must be booked at the reception area of the Expo 2015 Coffee Cluster or online at http://www.expo2015.illy.com/

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Parent company Seiko Epson Corporation is based in Japan. The Epson Group employs more than 72,000 people across 94 companies around the world, and is proud to help safeguard the world’s natural environment and support the local communities in which it operates.


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illycaffè was founded in Trieste in 1933; the company manufactures and markets a unique blend of 100% Arabica espresso coffee and is the leading brand in top quality coffee. Illycaffè is an official partner of Expo 2015, creating and managing the content, exhibits and events centred on coffee in the common area of the Expo Coffee Cluster. Almost 7 million cups of illy coffee are consumed daily throughout the world. illy coffee is sold in more than 140 countries and is served in over 100,000 of the world’s finest restaurants and cafés. Espressamente illy, the Italian-style café franchise, currently operates through 230 outlets in 43 countries. The company also set up and runs the Coffee University with a view to fostering and spreading the culture of coffee; this centre of excellence provides comprehensive academic and hands-on training for coffee growers, baristas and fans covering every aspect of the product. The company has approximately 1,084 people on its global payroll, and in 2014 posted consolidated revenues of €391 million. illy purchases green coffee beans directly from growers of the highest quality Arabica, based on partnerships underpinned by the principles of sustainable development. Out of its Trieste headquarters the company encourages long-term partnerships with the world’s best growers in Brazil, Central America, India and Africa, sharing know-how and technology and paying higher than market compensation.

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